Terms & Conditions

We pride ourselves to be proving the best services to our clients. But in case, if our customer demands a refund for a valid reason, 100% refund would be provided in 15 days by our help and support system.

Before we proceed with your refund request, we checks for its validity. The significant thing you have to ensure is that, you send us a well grounded in logic reason for your refundable amount. In turn, you will get an acknowledgement from our company stating whether your logic was valid or invalid. If we find it invalid, we are sorry then refunds could not be provided.

Contact us and ask for any rectification. We clearly make a note of it and try to fix the problem within the specified time. Sometimes, if the problem could not be fixed by our team we will refund your entire money.
For reasons which are partially valid, we give 50% refund still we were responsible for what we
Offered part of the service.

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